Our Programs

Area 1: Peace Initiatives

Peace on Snow is driving and initiating together with our selected global partners many new activities covering Peace Initiatives. We are offering new dimension of peace actions and program for teams or individuals in the relaxing snow environment.

Area 2: Peace on Snow is supporting the “fast changing” transformations needed more than in traditional development programs

  • Peace on Snow supports in transformation/changes are more than driving/adapting to market changes
  • Peace on Snow gives more to your business flow and development
  • Peace on Snow members will develop to be internationally 1st class resources giving a new perspective into your
  • Design your own transformation program –both as companies, organisations and individuals selecting and
    using our world top class mentors, speakers and training sessions placed in Davos, Åre or in selected
    global sites covering the whole package of Peace on Snow or partly adapted to your as member wishes

Area 3: Environment saving Initiatives

Together with several of our partners working intensive with reusable materials and product development programs. Learn from them joining into our sessions and implement the ideas in your own environment product profiles and investment.

Area 4: Being in the Alps with new snow initiatives

Join in on our programs with exclusive Mentor and Speaker selection to develop yourself in skiing or other mountain challenges to give you a personal development in so many new dimensions