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Overview of the different events we are running

The Peace on Snow Event in Davos

The Peace on Snow “snowball” encourages decisions, partnerships and forums throughout the year
Supported by the Kanton and the Mayor of Davos we bring together our members the yearly Peace on Snow forum in Davos.
During 2 days in a lovely winterland we enhance our discussions, expand our minds and build our networks in direct symmetry with nature.

As a participant at the Peace on Snow event we offer the opportunity to be part of the conversation on snow
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Disruptive times we are living in these days on the planet. We see it all day in media, talks, meetings, workplaces and among friends and family. Alternative theories and models come and goes as discussions and science emerge new forms and models like leaves on the threes. Peace on Snow is an Initiative and a Network for active and reflecting humans all over the planet. Peace in the meaning of not only stop shooting on each other, but also living in peace with our community, our country, ourselves fellow, human beings and the planet we live on. An adult approach to the challenges and opportunities we have today.

2020 we had our Pre Gathering in January to see if there was an interest for this kind of event. We did it in Davos during WEF (World Economic Forum) 2020 and the response was more than well received, so work has been done during the year to make Peace on Snow a functional form and an event in time and space. Peace on Snow is a spin off group from World Economic Forum in Davos. In the undergoing transformation of the planet, a more positive and inspirational tone is needed. In our companies, organizations and in everyday life.

We have just started to create the snowball that we will give a push into gravity and let it grow. To help us out we have created a bracelet. It's a limited line and cost from 350 Euro. From there its up to you to set your own price. Your donation is the start of our snowball to grow.

Join our journey to unexplored solutions / The Peace on Snow Team